Monthly Archives: May 2015

We are the Music Makers

During May, July and September 2014 Spaeda invited teachers and music leaders to three Music Inclusion CPD networking events funded through Bristol Music Trust‘s Sound Splash Break Through Project. All events had the focus of ‘Widening participation for children and young people in music’. Spaeda felt it was vital for music leaders, teachers and practitioners to work together to influence funders and developing music projects that embed good practice and provide a wide range of accessible music opportunities.

May 21st 2014 – Network Launch with sound Foundation Somerset

Music leaders headed to The Great Bow Wharf for a discussion on how to widen music participation in the county. This event brought together people from different areas of the county who are involved in all aspects of music education, to share ideas on how to provide the best possible music education for students and ensure that music education is accessible to all children in Somerset.

July 9th 2014 – Supporting Talent and Progression with Sound Splash

Held at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton this event was led by Jaqui Haigh of Bristol Music Trust. Jacqui raised the question “Is it time take a broader view on progression in music?” and shared a map of the many and varied progression routes, resources and support for children and young people at all levels and abilities.

The discussion was followed by a singing workshop from Penny Dunscombe, which took place in the main hall of the museum after hours. This workshop was incredible, the fantastic acoustics of the Great Hall coupled with Penny’s leadership meant there was a buzz of energy and excitement in the group by the end of the evening. It was evident that widening music education is definitely worth fighting for. This workshop sparked the event The Big Sing a community workshop Spaeda held in Langport to get all abilities singing and raise awareness of our inclusion project.

Sept 22nd 2014 – Using Music Technology to Widen Participation with Drake Music

Helen Reid of Sound Foundation Somerset gave an update on the National Plan in relation to SEN and inclusion agenda. Helen then outlined what resources are available through the Music Hub.

This was followed by an inspiring talk by freelance music leader, arts manager and assistive music technologist Doug Bott. Doug has been an associate of Drake Music since 2000 and arts manager developing the pioneering DM Education initiative. He has led many music projects for the charity and is the driving force behind the Accessible Youth Orchestra through The Muse Project.

To finish the session Alex Lupo gave a demonstration on the benefits of Assistive Music Technology in music education. Alex a community musician and music leader, shared his experiences and knowledge of his three year project using Assistive Music Technology with two local schools. During his time at Penrose School and Elmwood School Alex used the technology to enable even the most severely disabled students to create music.