Count Me In’s AllStars Music Project is Set to Start in September

The Count Me In team – Russ, Jane, Alex, Geoff and Ben – are getting ready for their latest exciting inclusive music project. After some lovely summer taster sessions, they’re officially starting the AllStars Music Project on September 17th.

Their organisation, Count Me In, has been working with music since 2002. They founded their popular Heart Beats sessions in 2012.


Count Me In bring people together who want to make friends, get skills, and play music, lots of these people have learning disabilities. They like to work with improvised sound and real instruments, music is a great way to make friends, get confidence, and express yourself.

AllStars is funded by Youth Music and is part of their programme for a musically inclusive England.
Count Me In will be bringing more music to Somerset, especially to young people with learning disabilities and those interested in a career in this sector.

Count Me In Heartbeats

Count Me In are partnered with Elmwood and Penrose federation in Bridgwater, Wells Cathedral School, Spaeda, and the Somerset Rural Youth Project. All will be helping them reach more people and bring larger integrated groups together, to learn from one another.

They’ve got quite a lot going on over the next two years, this includes:

  • Run the Heart Beats sessions – a Thursday evening music group in Wells, twice a month.
  • Run the Listening Lounge – monthly mentoring sessions for small groups of young people.
  • Offer Arts Award training to people with learning disabilities.
  • Work in schools with mixed groups – integrated learning
  • Get out and about – AllStars on the road.
  • Offer training to teachers, professionals and young musicians.
  • Run an AllStars festival in 2017.
  • Offer buddying opportunities for older people with learning disabilities who love music.
  • Offer trainee placements for young musicians wanting a career in music.

For more information on how you can be involved visit their website.

Check out their YouTube video.

Count me in Logo-2008  heart beats header smaller


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