Work Experience


Hello, my name is Callum Jauncey and from the 26th to the 30th of June I will be spending my work experience at SPAEDA. I’m not quite sure of what I want to do when I’m older, but I really enjoy art so I thought working here for a week would give me some experience of what it is like to have a career based on art.


My first day of work experience was on the 26th of June and it was based on some introductions to the work space and organisation, and to familiarise myself with Hestercombe Gardens. I also made sure all of the information on the database on the inspirED schools was correct and up to date. Later in the day, I joined Sara Dudman and Lucia Harley at a PRU (pupil referral unit) meeting and arts workshop, which consisted of plastic fusion.


On the 27th of June, Sara Dudman organised an art project at Huish Episcopi Academy. There were ten year 12 sixth form students involved in the project and my job was to help when needed, to photo document the experience, and to take part if I wanted. The first piece of art that we created was feather printing using water colour paints and real feathers. Next, we did graphite mark making, getting interesting marks by placing an object underneath the paper and drawing over the object with graphite. After that, we combined these two pieces together and started layering them to create depth to the art. The last work of art that was composed was a collaborative piece done in pairs; it would show how birds fly and land on beaches and how the landscape changes over the course of a video. We used many materials such as; graphite, pen, coloured tape, water colour and acrylic paint.


My third day at work experience started off with helping out at a PRU visit to the Hestercombe art gallery. In total, there were three year 10 students and one key stage 2 student. They saw the ‘regions of light’ exhibition which featured Rev. John Eagles, Paul Desborough, Rebecca Chesney, and Jem Southam. They found the way the light was captured fascinating, and they all thought it looked beautiful. The other exhibition that they visited was of different schools chosen artwork, the PRU students were so excited to see their artwork up on show amongst the other pieces.


Thursday the 29th commenced with me designing the labels for some donation boxes for inspirED. Then, at around 3pm, we left to go to Heathfield. There we set up an inspirED stand where there were lots of leaflets and information sheets. There were also the two donation boxes which I had created. After it was all set up, we went to the hall and watched some amazing performances from different schools, there were varieties of dance, acting and films. When all the performances were finished we went back out to the inspirED stand and waited for everyone else to come out. There were lots of nice people who donated to inspirED and many signed up for extra information.


On my last day of work experience, I helped take down the schools exhibition at Hestercombe. It was sad to see it being taken down but it had been up for about a month and had received lots of praise while it was up. Next, I started writing up this blog that you are reading right now. Overall, this has been an amazing experience for me and I have learnt a great deal of things whilst I was here. I highly recommend anyone to do their work experience here.

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